Architecture, Home Staging & Works

Architecture, Home Staging & Works

Our Architects & Project Managers are at your service!

​We can help you :

  • To get a 3D plan from a 2D plan or from a picture
  • To get new interior arrangements & your construction plans
  • To get home staging ideas and realistic pictures (3D)
  • To get a projection of new furniture or new color/finishing for walls and floors
  • To get solutions to optimize the cost of your project
  • To get technical solutions to optimize the energies consumption of your housing.

We manage your project

We can help you to optimize your budget & the cost of your project!

With our architects and network, we can manage the full architecture, the specifications documents, the construction drawings, the scheduling, the construction permit & the management of your project. Our coordination team comes to you to discuss your project!

Contact us, we are guaranteeing qualitative results and competitive offers!